How We Rank enables you to make knowledgeable decisions when you are choosing a credit repair company. We bring to you reliable credit repair company reviews so that you can compare providers with ease. We understand that your personal finances are very critical for your financial security and that’s why you are entitled to have a clear picture of what services you get from your provider. We are here to help you determine if the services offered and the features make it worth your time and money. Rest assured that every  credit restoration service  we recommend to you has some benefit to offer to you, over and above what their competitors do. We give you completely an objective, unbiased evaluation of each company’s strengths and weaknesses and this helps you make the best possible decisions for your financial future.


To ensure that we give you the best and most accurate reviews, we use a quantitative ranking method and base scores for various credit repair companies on this. To give you an idea of the metrics that go into our ranking strategy, read on:


Features & Services

Each credit repair company has its own set of offerings that make up the overall service package and the variations between different providers can be quite significant. For instance, Lexington Law offers XXXXXXX, but Sky Blue Credit leaves out this. When you are choosing your provider, the key thing is for you to check if the features offered align with your needs and preferences. Also, the service offered should be comprehensive so that your credit restoration is truly effective. We view this metric with a weight of 90%, because we believe this is a very important factor.



Not all credit repair companies offer the same benefits and knowing what each one offers can help you make the right decision quickly. For this metric we give a weight of 100% since it can make or break the deal for you. We are 100% focused on ensuring that the company you choose perfectly meets your expectations or exceeds it.


Customer Service

‘Customer Service’ gets a weight of 80% because we know you hate those never ending calls to support that often conclude without any concrete solutions for you. The companies we review rate highly with respect to customer service and we have verified that they give clear and concise answers that you can easily implement. Confusing, time consuming customer service automatically pulls down the score of a company in our ranking system.


Cost implications

Pricing is really crucial because we don’t want to make you spend more than necessary to get your finances in order. That would be really paradoxical and it negates everything we are trying to help you achieve. The companies we review are those that give you bets value for every dollar you spend on them.


Efficiency and Speed

Repairing your credit is not something that gets done overnight and you are aware of that. But, you cannot invest a lifetime in improving your credit score either. The speed with which each company does the job and the reliability that they offer and both critical and we give these aspects an 80% weight.


Fulfilling Commitments

You may be surprised to know that this metric gets a low weight in our ranking system but we have a great reason for that. We don’t even review companies where there is a risk that you may be unhappy with the service and need to call upon their warranty or guarantee. The ones we review are those that fulfil their commitment without any compromise. We give this metric a 60% weight in rankings.


BBB Rating

Better Business Bureau feedback is invaluable because it also reflects what other customers like you have already experienced from this company. It is an important factor in decision making and carries 70% weight.


Our Ranking Formula

Our quantitative scoring system is simple but very effective and it helps us arrive at the grade for each company reviewed. Here is how we do  the ranking and reviewing:


  1. Each company that we review is scored using the ranking system. Based on how it fares with respect to all our metrics, it is scored on a scale of 1 to 10. This score is for each metric.
  2. Once the score is determined, we multiply it with the weight that we have allocated for each. This gives us an overall idea of the impact of each metric.
  3. Now, we add up all the scores for individual metrics to arrive at an overall score for the company, as a whole.
  4. Once we have carried out this process for all the companies that we are reviewing, we are in a position to compare the best overall scores, based on what is achievable within on our scoring and weight system.
  5. Each company’s overall score is divided by the very best score among all companies. Then this figure is multiplied by 100 and we get the final review rating of each credit repair company.


At, customer is always first. We value your opinions and that’s why we are happy to hear from you if you think that we have missed something, a critical aspect or component, in our ranking system. If you feel there is way we can improve the accuracy of our ranking/ scoring, do let us know by contacting us right away using this link (XXX link here).