Credit repair is a complex topic and it is always great to keep yourself educated and informed about it. Even if you’re planning to hire a credit repair agency, it’s always a good idea to know a thing or two. Thankfully, you don’t have to look too hard to find the right resources.


There are many resources out there that can prove to be very valuable. To help you out, we’ve listed some of the top resources on the topic of credit and credit repair. This will help you stay prepared and ready to take on the challenges that you might face.


To make things easier, we’ve divided the resources into two broad categories – Books & Videos and Applications and Software. The former category will provide you with a list of useful content sources that have been developed to help you navigate the credit market. The latter is a list of tools designed to simplify the process of tracking and monitoring your credit, credit scores and accounts.


Books & Videos


  1. Hidden Credit Repair Secrets

This is one of the most useful books you can find on the topic of credit repair. It contains a very unique 6-step plan that has been developed to help you settle disputes.


  1. Credit Repair

Credit Repair is a well drafted piece of literature that provides readers with all the key details concerning credit repair. It is ideal for those simply trying to understand credit repair, as well as for those looking to work in the credit repair industry.


  1. The Credit Repair Answer Book

This simple and basic book on credit repair offers all the information you need and it is easy to read. You can find plenty of information about the credit industry. However, details concerning the handling of disputes are minimal.


  1. Credit Repair Kit for Dummies

A great book from the “for dummies” series that offers all the information you need on credit repair. It is a comprehensive read that comes loaded with practical tools such as templates, documents, and sample forms.



If you aren’t much of a reader, this website can serve as an ideal alternative. There are a ton of videos here that will educate you on the various aspects of credit repair. You can find detailed explanations about the legal aspects of credit repair, credit repair agencies, and collection agencies.


Applications & Software



Betterment is a platform designed to simplify the investment process. The site will actually assess your financial objectives and prospects and even invest your money into a diversified portfolio. The portfolio will offer optimal returns according to your financial profile.



This app/web based financial platform allows you to track/monitor your finances. You can carry out a wide range of financial functions such as pay bills or create budgets.



This site serves as a single source through which you can access all your accounts. You can also make use of the site’s credit report and credit monitoring services, which are free.



This app helps you pay off debt through realistic and achievable goal setting.



This site offers many unique tools that users can use to determine credit scores, protect their ID, or carry out value estimations for homes etc.