Dallas Credit Repair

If you have bad credit, you might have to wait 7-10 years before the adverse items are dropped from your credit report. In the meantime, you might also have to pay 2-3 times the normal rate of interest which can be very expensive. The alternative is to repair your credit score with professional help.


Understanding Credit Scores Better

Under 500: This is as low as it can get. Once your credit score falls below this level, it can be very difficult to get approved for credit or loans. Even in the oft chance that you do, the interest rates will be sky high. You would do well to contact a reputable credit repair company in Dallas for assistance.


500-580: A credit score in this range is still regarded as ‘bad credit’. You will be able to get loans and/or secure lines of credit (with a little bit of difficulty), but the interest rates will be higher than usual. This would be the case across all financiers/lending institutions.   By working with a credit repair company, they will be able to help you out significantly by removing negative items from your credit report and improving your credit score.


580-620: A score in this range is not ‘bad’, but considered generally ‘poor’. Lending institutions/banks may or may not deny you credit.  You may be able to get loans and/or secure financing, but the problem is that the interest rates charged will be high. In Dallas, every cent counts. Contact a credit repair company to find out how they can help you improve your score.


620-680: This is considered ‘fair’. You should not face much challenge in getting loans or credit, but interest rates will still be higher than average.   If you would like to advantage of lower interest rates, a credit repair company in Dallas can help you get the adverse items removed from your credit report.


680-720: A credit score in this range demonstrates a high degree of financial responsibility on your part, so lenders will only be happy to extend your credit/loans. However, if there are still any negative items left on your credit report or any errors, do make sure to get them removed promptly whether it be with the help of a professional service or by yourself.


Above 720: This is the level you should aspire for. If your credit score is this range, you can be sure that lenders will gladly roll out the red carpet for you when you need a loan and also offer you some amazing rates!


Sometimes, a less-than-ideal credit score may not even be your fault. You could have been the victim of identity theft, but there is no reason for you to suffer. A Dallas credit repair company can do the needful. They can also help remove entries of bankruptcy, debt settlement, charge offs, late payments, repossession, tax liens and judgments.


Which Dallas Credit Repair Company Should I Opt For?

This is a very good question. There are many credit repair companies in Texas, and quite a number of them in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. We recommend working with  Sky Blue Credit as our Top Pick and here are our three top choices below based on our experts’ reviews:


Make sure to choose a firm that has been in business more than a decade with a history of success!  While there are many options, there are only a select few that are top-notch businesses that work hard to improve your credit score.