We may or may not receive affiliate compensation from the vendors that are mentioned in the content on this website, but this does not in way affect the reviews. We do not assign top ranking to those who pay the most.


Our writers carefully research every product before providing an unbiased opinion of the same – this is part of our internal policy, and we take pride in our standards. Only after a review has been published on the site do we reach out to the vendors and try to capitalize on the content. A product review is not dropped (or ‘de-listed’ from the rankings) if the vendor refuses to pay.


This is how you can be assured that what you read is not paid advertising. Because of this, we have been able to help many people effectively, and several vendors approach us to be included in their rankings. Some of them offer payment for an inclusion, but with our focus on quality, we list only the best vendors.


Our Process

Our reviewers regularly write on a variety of topics that they believe will be useful for readers. Sometimes it may be a product/vendor review; at other times a how-to tutorial. It might even be an interesting news article.


For the most part, they are written on request.


If you would like to read about something that you don’t see published (there is search bar in the top left corner that you could use to find out if an article on the topic already exists), simply let us know, so that our writers can get started on it immediately, if they think it will benefit others as well.


After publishing it, we keep monitoring it. We have an open comments policy, so that anyone can comment what they want. It could be in agreement with the article, a disagreement, or simply sharing their personal experience(s). We moderate the comments so that spam is kept out; and also edit the comments for spelling, grammar and relevance. Anything that is abusive is not allowed on our webpages.


We make money from advertisements and affiliate marketing. Our writers, editors and page managers are all compensated fairly.


How Exactly Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

When we publish a product review or a ranking list, we link out to the official websites maintained the vendors. If a reader clicks on the link, this is tracked. Should he/she decide to use the vendor’s services, we stand to receive a commission from the sale.


We Abide Fully By The Law

The guidelines pertaining to product endorsements/testimonials are laid down by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). In 2009, it came out with Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising (the last time the FTC published guidelines in this regard was in 1980) that we have been following diligently. In 2013, they fine-tuned these guidelines for digital advertisers with Dot Com Disclosures: How to Make Effective Disclosures in Digital Advertising, which we take seriously.


These guidelines are legally binding and are meant to safeguard the interests of consumers. They seek to ensure that any product/service review or ranking (‘endorsement’) represent the publisher’s honest opinion; and have not been influenced in any way. This way, you will be able to make an informed decision.


We do not deviate from the law, ever. Our Compensation Disclosure, as mandated by the FTC guidelines, can be found below.


Compensation Disclosure

This is provided with the intention of fully disclosing all and any relationships that exist between the website and the products/services listed by it, as well as the legal owners of these products.


A relationship does exist between the website and the products/services that it promotes, recommends or reviews.


  1. Material Affiliation

Unless otherwise stated, there exists a material connection between the website and the owners of the product/service that is promoted, recommended or reviewed.

Any endorsement made by the company is in good faith. This follows from the product/service being personally tried out and tested; and/or researched extensively. Any opinion made as to the quality or merit of the product/service is honest and bona fide.


  1. Product/Service Partiality

Because a material connection exists between the website and the legal owners of the products/services endorsed by it, a bias for these products/services exists. However, this is based on facts. No effort has been spared to ensure the authenticity of reviews/rankings published on this website.


We always recommend that you do your own research and exercise due diligence before arriving at any purchase decision regarding the products/services mentioned on this site.


  1. Financial / Non-Financial Compensation

Owing to the material relationship that exists, the owner of this website may be the beneficiary of compensation from the owners of the products/services listed on the site. This compensation may be financial, or those that are of a financial nature, such as complimentary services/products. This is independent of any user action.

When an user purchases a product/service that has been recommended/reviewed/endorsed by this site, immediately following an user action (such as him/her clicking on an affiliate link on the site), the owner of the website stands to receives compensation from the owner of the product/service.


  1. Compensation Disclosure Statement

In due accordance with the law, this Compensation Disclosure Statement is being made by the owner of this website to inform you that a material connection exists between the website and the owners of the products/services listed on it. Compensation may be paid to the owner of the website in the event of a purchase happening as a direct result of user action, such as the user clicking on an affiliate link, and being directed to the product/service page on the website maintained by the owner of the product service.


The owner of this website may also receive compensation (the nature of this may be financial or non-financial) for listing/reviewing/recommending/endorsing products/services from its owners.


All efforts have been made to ensure that the information contained on this website, including product/service listings, reviews, recommendations, and/or endorsements, is true and accurate.