Credit Repair Guides


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These credit repair intelligence guides can help restore your credit! And they are 100% Free!

Are you desperate to improve your credit score and gain control of your finances? Do you think that you cannot do it on your own because you lack finance knowledge? Thankfully, you are mistaken because you DO NOT need to be a financial expert or money guru to start your do it yourself credit repair right away. At, we know that not everyone has the knowledge base or even the time to invest hugely in a diy bad credit repair project.



We also know that you don’t want pages and pages of jargon but a concise, helpful, easy to read manual or book that outlines the key guidelines you should know to repair your credit yourself. That’s what we are here to offer: A complete credit repair intelligence guide to help you work through the process step by step and gain the upper hand over your finances. And the best part is that we give it to you for free, easily accessible to you online in an easy to use pdf format. This is one book that you will regret not reading!



It is not just one area of credit repair that we cover. In fact, we have many valuable guides, each one imparting useful, practical knowledge about a specific skill that you can develop to transform your credit score or improve your financial standing quickly. Ask us anything you need to know by emailing us and we will try to give you all the help we can. These are the guides we offer:


The credit score repair guide: How to succeed

This guide tells you everything you need to know about repairing credit in just 4 easy steps. We talk about accessing credit reports, dispute handling, credit report corrections. We tell you what your legal rights and how to enforce them. If you are just embarking on the fairly long winded journey to DIY credit repair, this is the best credit repair guide you could choose.


How to Repair Your Credit

Credit Score Repair Guide

Your FICO score is one of the most significant numbers in your life because it stands testament to your credit-worthiness. When you need to take a loan, buy a home or even get a job, your credit score may come into play. With this guide, you know exactly how to improve your score and loans at the best terms.


Improving Your Credit Score

Credit Report Correction Guide

The startling reality is that the three major credit bureaus are not infallible. In fact, many errors creep into your credit reports, lowering your score unnecessarily. It is up to you to get these rectified immediately. This guide takes you through the most common errors and how to get them corrected. Let’s say, it’s the credit repair intelligence guide that you need when facing off against the Big 3.


How to Dispute Credit Errors

The Beginners Guide to Financial Survival 

So, you have your credit repair and score improvement process well underway, but is that all you need to do to gain financial freedom? Well, no! For financial success, you need to know much more. Thankfully, we have just the guide you need for this, as well. In this guide we tell you all about budgeting, financial planning, and investing. Read on to equip yourself for your journey towards financial success!