Miami Credit Repair


Best Credit Repair Companies in Florida

It does require some diligence to find the right credit repair company in Miami but finding a reputable company should not have to be challenging.  Our experts have reviewed hundreds credit repair services and our top 3 stand out from the rest.


BBB Rating Years of Exp Our Rating Visit Site Read Review
SkyBlue Credit A+ 26 98/100 Learn more Full Review
Lexington Law A+ 10 97/100 Learn more Full Review A 7 91/100 Learn more Full Review


Credit Repair Services Should Keep You Informed

Good credit repair firms must make it their priority to keep you informed of all the legalities involved with regard to credit repair in Miami. There are legislative orders in place to help people like you. For example, the CROA or Credit Repair Organizations Act of 1996 protects individuals from false or illegal practices implemented by credit repair companies.


Credit repair companies are lawfully required to provide you with a copy of the Consumer Credit File Rights before a contract is signed. Also, the company must offer a Notice of Cancellation that offers an explanation regarding your 3 day waiting period.



A good credit repair firm is one that has at least functioned for a period of 3 years or more.   A new firm might not be the most trustworthy option. Also, look for their rating on Better Business Bureau (BBB). If they aren’t rated with an A, do keep away.  Our recommendations are for firms whom have a nationally recognized name, have been in business over 10 years, and have over 90% positive customer reviews.


Fee Structure

Credit repair firms that charge a fee prior to a reading of your credit report need to be avoided. Each credit report is unique and will require a thorough review. Good credit repair firms implement this in their approach and don’t make random assumptions.


If you live in Miami and require help with keeping your credit score high, there are a few names that you can trust. Sky Blue Credit, Lexington Law, and are some of the most trustworthy names in the business.